Future Disaster Planning

Having a plan in place pre-disaster helps the community rebuild faster!

If you or your group thinks they may want to help the community post-disaster fill out the form below!

MARC Planning Form

This form is designed to capture any agency/organization/group willing to assist individuals after a disaster across Cass County through a Multi-Agency Resource Center (MARC). For more information on what a MARC entails see Below

After a disaster, your community’s Lead Agency will reach out to you to see if you are still able and willing to help as well as narrow down specific assistance to be provided.

Multi-Agency Resource Center (MARC) 

A Multi-Agency Resource Center is a one-stop shop assistance center for disaster survivor information and service delivery.  Standing up a MARC is an efficient way to deliver services to individuals and families affected by a disaster by bringing together multiple service providers in a single location and providing on-site assistance. When the MARC closes, unfinished casework is often transitioned to a Long-Term Recovery committee/Group (LTRG).   

MARC Goals 

● Community-centric and reflective of the conditions of the disaster event. 
● Expedite individual, family and community recovery. 
● Provide efficient, effective assistance to disaster survivors while maintaining the disaster
survivors’ confidentiality and dignity.     
● Minimize time and travel distance for those affected by the disaster.   
● Facilitate the transition to long term recovery.   

MARC Services   

The types of assistance and services provided at a MARC are determined by participating agencies according to the community’s needs and available resources.  These commonly include: 
● Assistance locating temporary housing 
● Information about the casework process, how to obtain assistance and referrals to other off-site services as available. 
● Health and mental health services  
● Distribution of bulk supplies  
● A location that serves as a meeting place for families, friends and community members 

Other common disaster survivor needs addressed in the MARC may include:    

● Advocacy              
● Documentation replacement 
● Household goods 
● Clothing

● Employment 
● Mold remediation 
● Debris removal 
● Food /nutrition

● Repair and rebuild 
● Transportation 
● Emotional / spiritual

Who’s at the MARC?   

Lead Agency:  The lead agency convenes the MARC, coordinates overall planning and operations and ensures necessary MARC functions and tasks are fulfilled. 
Partner Agencies:  Governmental, non governmental and private organizations, agencies or groups that have resources or services available and applicable to the disaster impacted individuals/communities.