Emergency Rental & Utility Assistance (ERA) Events

About Emergency Rental Assistance

The Emergency Rental Assistance (ERA) is for past due rent and utilities or future rent payments for those impacted by COVID. (https://coronavirus.nebraska.gov/EmergencyRentalAssistanceProgram)

We currently don’t have any events planned but can find a time and place to help you fill out an application Register below! Questions? Call 402-253-1993

Household Income Eligibility

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Be Sure to Bring

  • Government Issued Photo Identification
  • Current Lease or Rental Agreement (and – Lease End date)
  • Proof of Income for all Household Members (e.g pay stubs or 2020 W-2s or 1040s) 
  • Proof of Financial Hardship or loss due to COVID-19 (e.g unemployment, medical bills)
  • Landlord Name/Company Name, Address, Phone Number and Email
  • Eviction notice, notice of eviction court hearing or statement/letter of past-due rent (if applicable)
  • Past Due Utility bill(s) (if applicable)
  • For each Household member (adults and children alike):
    o     First, Middle and Last Name
    o     Date of Birth
    o     Social Security Number
    o     Marital Status
    o     Employment Status
    o     2020 Total Annual Income
    o     Last and Prior Month’s Income (You will be required to Upload Proof of Income: (2020 W-2, 2020 Form 1040, income statement or pay stubs from prior two months)

The (ERA) program provides funds to assist Nebraska households outside of Lancaster & Douglas Counties who are struggling to pay rent and utilities due to COVID-19.

Previous Events

August 4, (Wed)Plattsmouth | Library
August 17, (Tue)Weeping Water | Library
August 18, (Wed)Plattsmouth | Library
August 23, (Mon)Eagle | TBD
August 25, (Wed)Louisville | Library
September 1, (Wed)Plattsmouth | Library
September 15, (Wed)Plattsmouth | Library
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