Camp Noah

Camp Noah was a huge success – thank you to everyone involved!

Parents: Photos from camp are now available! You will need the password which was sent to you in an email subject: Camp Noah Photos.

About Camp Noah

This program is a 2-weekend day camp for elementary-aged children impacted by disaster and/or trauma (which means all children age 5-12 are eligible as COVID-19 has touched all our lives). Screened and trained, caring volunteers will provide a safe, fun atmosphere for children to tell their stories, face their fears, grieve their losses, build resiliency skills and find hope for the future. Understanding that children have different skill and comfort levels, every child’s unique gifts and talents will be celebrated. Children will be encouraged to participate and share as they feel comfortable. This project – Camp Noah will support the emotional recovery of disaster-impacted communities by providing resources that help children and communities build resilience and preparedness skills and restore hope.

Why This is so Important

In 2019, Nebraska experienced historic flooding, causing disaster and trauma to many of its residents including children. COVID-19 has since compounded trauma for these children. Remote learning has added stress to families struggling to recover, maintain employment and supervise their child’s education. Of all people affected by disaster, experts say that children are among the most emotionally vulnerable. Children may react to the trauma they have experienced with fear, sadness, grief, nightmares, fighting, or worries about the weather.

About the Curriculum & Activities

The curriculum is secular and will be delivered in a local school. It consists of multiple sessions, with each session building on the previous ones. Sessions include a variety of activities, including small groups, large group time (which involves music, skits and puppet shows), crafts and recreation. A team of volunteers certified to accompany participants through an intentional process that enables the children to process their disaster and/or trauma experiences. This program is designed to give them space and time necessary to tell their stories and build resiliency skills. Children who attend Camp Noah learn to identify safe spaces, share stories and feel more prepared for disasters. Additionally they learn strategies to relax, feel more prepared to handle stressful situations, identify themselves as unique and special, and develop hopes and dreams for their future.

Our Donors, Partners and Supporters for Camp Noah

Thank you to the following organizations and businesses without whom we wouldn’t be able to provide this important program.

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