Reaching a new normal after a major disaster is challenging. There’s a maze of government assistance programs to sort through, unfamiliar insurance jargon, the constant pressure to “get back to normal.”

For survivors feeling overwhelmed, we’re here for you.

Help Navigating Disaster Assistance & Recovery Programs

Whether you need a little assistance or a lot of help, our staff has received special training in disaster case management. We know what resources are available and will connect you with programs to help speed your recovery process along.

Cass County Long Term Recovery Group is helping those who need Emergency Rental or Utility Assistance. Our Case Manager can meet you or help you over the phone. Case Management NOT required.

The Cass County Long Term Recovery Group works to coordinate the recovery and build resiliency for individuals and families adversely affected by disasters within Cass County.

Rebuilding After a Disaster

The Cass County Long Term Recovery Group is the point of contact for volunteer organizations seeking to help survivors rebuild their lives after a disaster. From immediate help with debris removal to mucking out homes and restoring them to their pre-disaster condition, the LTRG helps coordinate the rebuilding effort.

Be Ready for Future Disasters

We rarely have an advanced warning as to when a disaster might strike. By having a disaster plan, you can keep your family and yourself safe during and after a disaster. Community resiliency starts at the household level. The Cass County Long Term Recovery Group is committed to helping you be prepared.

The Cass County Long Term Recovery Group is a registered Nebraska nonprofit. We rely on the generosity of individuals to fund our work. If you can, consider making a donation today.